Installing a Barrel

Our barrels are easy to install with the universal connector (rain collector Rapido) which is included in the price of a barrel. 


  • Watch the video for an overview of how a rain barrel works
  • When considering where to place a rain barrel:
    • Choose a downspout that is closest to the plants you wish to irrigate. This may mean that the rain barrel will stand in a prominent position in your yard, patio or deck.
    • The higher you raise the water barrel or the taller it stands, the greater the water pressure will be. You also want to ensure that the water barrel is high enough off the ground so you can fit a watering can underneath the spigot.
    • Ensure the surface is flat.
  • Carefully follow the instructions included with the barrel on how to connect it using the universal connector kit (rain collector rapido).
    • This includes exact measurements to use for inserting the connector as well as how to fill the planter.
    • It is important to make sure the hose is horizontal as this activates the overflow feature when the barrel gets full, and which diverts the water back into the down pipe.
  • Use an electric drill with the special drill bit included.


NOTE: all kits are for a rectangular 2"x3" down pipe. If yours is circular then you will need a circular connector which can be provided.

Winter Check

Important note: The measures listed are recommendations for frost protection. No warranty claims can be derived from these recommendations. Frost resistance is always dependent on the material characteristics, the relevant environmental factors and the handling of the products by the customers.

  • Completely drain rain barrels
  • Close connection to the downpipe
  • Unscrew valve and store in a place protected from frost